You need to write that down!

First off, I’m going to go “off subject” to make a quick comment about writing a blog. And the comment is: It sometimes feels like I’m writing for a newspaper, with a deadline hanging over my head.

Of course this is entirely a self-manufactured feeling of pressure. Nobody is paying me a salary to deliver an article a day, or paying me by the word like they used to do with writers in the 19th century like Dickens and Balzac. Still, when I haven’t made an entry I have this nagging feeling, which translates to something like “You SHOULD write an article (sorry, blog post) at least once a week. Otherwise, people won’t visit your blog.

Not that people are visiting it in great numbers in any case. But, okay, if they were visiting regularly they would notice that I haven’t written anything since December. But hold on a second, I can explain! Yes, I really can. In fact I have a great reason for not writing anything in two and a half months. We were in the U.S. on a family visit with a side trip to Mexico. So, I was officially “off duty”. But I’m back now. So the posts will again start to flow, beginning tomorrow.

Whew, I feel better already.

A bientôt – see you soon!


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